How to Connect Your Brother Printer to WiFi

Connecting your Brother printer to your WiFi network is a straightforward process. Start by ensuring that your printer is powered on and ready to connect. Follow these detailed steps to integrate your printer with your home or office network without hassle.

Initial Setup

Step 1: Power on your printer and confirm that the green power light is visible, indicating that the printer is on and functioning.

Activate Wireless Connectivity

Step 2: Check the Wireless LAN indicator on your printer. If it’s off, press and hold the green Power button until the light flashes blue, signaling that WiFi mode is active.

Connect via iOS Device

Step 3: On your iOS device, open Settings, then select Wi-Fi. Locate and tap your printer listed under Devices to initiate the connection.


Step 4: When prompted for a password, enter the last five characters of your printer’s serial number, which can be found on the bottom of the printer.

Enable Auto-Join Feature

Step 5: To prevent future connection prompts, activate the Auto Join feature by tapping the ‘i’ icon next to your printer’s name and enabling it at the top of your screen.

Network Configuration

Step 6: For a static connection, select the Static tab under your printer’s network settings and enter the IP address as with a subnet mask of

Saving and Restarting

Step 7: Save your settings and restart both your printer and iOS device to ensure all configurations take effect properly.

Reestablish Connection

Step 8: If your device doesn’t automatically reconnect, manually navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi and select your printer to re-establish the connection.

Additional Connection Tips

To avoid connection issues, ensure your router’s settings are correct and that your network is secure. Should you encounter any problems, consider restarting both your router and printer before contacting Brother Customer Service for further assistance.

Final Thoughts on Effortless Printer Setup

By following these steps, setting up your Brother printer with your WiFi network should be a seamless and trouble-free process. This guide aims to assist you in achieving a smooth setup and optimal functionality of your Brother printer.

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