How to Change the Background on Your Instagram Story

In the realm of social media, Instagram Stories offer a dynamic way to share your moments, but did you know you can enhance them by changing the background color? Whether you want to set a mood, match a theme, or just add a splash of fun, altering the background color of your story can make a significant difference. Here’s how you can do just that, whether you’re using an iOS or Android device.

Start with Default Colors

Instagram provides a palette of default colors to choose from when you create a story. To use one of these colors:

  • Open the Instagram app and navigate to the story creation screen by tapping the ‘+’ icon.
  • At the bottom right corner, you’ll find a color icon. Tap it to reveal the default color options and select one to set as your story’s background.

Customize with a Unique Hue

On iOS:

For a more personalized touch, iOS users can select a unique color through the Create mode. Here’s the step-by-step:

  • Access the ‘Create’ option from the story menu.
  • Long-press the color icon to bring up the color wheel, then drag your finger to pick the perfect shade.
  • Once selected, swipe up to proceed with adding photos or videos to your story.

On Android:

Android users have a slightly different method. Follow these instructions to customize your background:

  • After entering the ‘Create’ mode, add any text or stickers as you like.
  • Tap the squiggle icon at the top, then press and hold a color from the bottom to activate the gradient tool.
  • Drag to select your desired color, then press and hold the background to apply your new color.

Employ the Color Dropper Tool

If you want your story’s background to perfectly match an element in your photo or video, the color dropper tool is ideal. Available on both platforms, it allows you to pick and apply a color directly from the uploaded media.

  • Add your media to the story and scale it down to expose more background space.
  • Tap the squiggle icon, choose the color dropper, and then tap on the desired color in your photo or video.
  • Hold down on the background to see it transform into your chosen color.
  • Finalize by tapping ‘Done,’ then swipe up to reselect the original media.

Enhance Your Visual Narrative

Changing the background color of your Instagram Story is a simple yet effective way to enhance your content’s appeal and engagement. With these methods, you can easily inject more personality and style into your stories, making them not only more eye-catching but also more cohesive with your overall aesthetic or message.

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