Master in Management, Data Science Signature Track

Into the Master in Management which is part of the Grande Ecole Programme, the SKEMA Global Lab in Augmented Intelligence offers a Data Science Signature Track.

For more informations about the Master in Management, visit the SKEMA Business School’s Website.

BBA in Global Management – Specialization in Augmented Intelligence

The modern world is a world of data. Such data is vital in understanding and improving all areas of life; everyday situations, corporations and business development and scientific research. The role of artificial intelligence and augmented intelligence in providing a means to process this unprecedented amount of data cannot be avoided.

SKEMA’s 4-year undergraduate program with a specialization in AI is aimed at students with a scientific background. During the first 2 years on SKEMA’s French campus in Sophia Antipolis, students will develop a strong mathematical basis as well as developing proficiency in programming and data processing tools. The two final years are delivered on SKEMA’s American campus in Raleigh (NC, USA), where students will apply their skills and knowledge to topics related to the business world benefitting from the expertise of SKEMA Business School.

After graduation, students can apply to the SKEMA program: MSc Artificial Intelligence for Business Transformation.

MSc Artificial Intelligence for Business Transformation

In this data-driven age, managers must become analytical and scientific in their approach. They must be able to understand data and analyse it. Due to the complexity of large amounts of data, managers have no choice but to resort to visual abstraction for their decision making: data visualisation (or visual data analysis).

The aim of this programme is to train these managers in visual analysis techniques and to respond to a pressing need in companies: to train managers capable of understanding and developing AI and of finding new solutions within companies.

Our hybrid programme will enable engineering, business or other students with international backgrounds to have multidisciplinary teamwork skills, excellent interpersonal skills, a great curiosity for projects, an ability to develop and to solve technical problems and to understand and develop managerial projects strongly involved with AI.

For more informations about the MSc in Artificial Intelligence for Business Transformation, visit the SKEMA Business School’s Website.