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Data Science and AI Signature Track

In the Master in Management which is part of the Grande Ecole Programme, The SKEMA Global Lab in Augmented Intelligence offers a Data Science and AI Signature Track. The aim of this track is to train students with new tools and techniques of the 21st century such as Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Students will follow two bootcamps at the beginning of semester 2 and 3. These bootcamps will allow them to develop their skills in Data Science. They will have access to the SKEMA Quantum Studio Platform. They will be required to use exclusively throughout all their courses while at SKEMA. They will also participate in hackathons (one each year) organized by the SKEMA Global Lab in Augmented Intelligence.

The Data Science Signature track powered by the SKEMA Global Lab in AI contributes through new ways to the training of a new generation of leaders ready to manage 21st-century companies in the 21st-century knowledge economy with a 21st century toolbox.

Why should I apply?

Living in North America, we see with great clarity how the job market is transforming. New job offers require candidates to have either an understanding of the AI and Data Science revolution and even better to be able to be a true game changer in their organization.

The level of employability is trully high for managers with Data Science skills, and salaries are higher than the regular positions.

Careers are also way more fun for students equipped with these new skills.

Have look here for compelling data on salaries and jobs!

Contractual Agreement

At the time of their graduation, our students will be granted with the certificate in Data Science issued by the SKEMA Global Lab in Augmented Intelligence. There are a few requirements but in fact so much fun! Students must:

When using SKEMA Quantum Studio, students have access to a new world of power. The requirements above will in fact not be perceived as requirements, but just as great opportunities to leverage their new skills and new knowledge!


To apply to the Data Science Signature Track, please submit your CV and a cover letter (we want to know why you want to enroll in the Data Science Signature Track).

Please submit your CV and Cover Letter in PDF and following this format “CV_FirstNameLastName” and “CoverLetter_FirstNameLastName”.

Applications can be made in French or English

Application Form